I flipped the bitch today and took out the rear mud guard and bent the can up. On checking it, I've 'T boned' the top of the can and it's also bent up at the back where the pipe inserts into the can. I'm about to attack the bloody can with a rubber mallet with a hope to bending it back down to allow for the new mud guard to fit. I'm pretty pissed as it's an FMF Power core IV!

Any ideas how I could take less drastic action than the mallet!


That's a bummer....if you were in the states I would suggest you send it to Pacific Crest Pipe repair. I'm amazed at what Brett can do with mangled pipes.


Good luck!

USE THE MALLET. If that doesnt work get a sledge! :naughty:

Heard good things bout the above link.

You Yanks are so lucky having such variety as consumers, try finding a place like that here in the U.K is rare, and then you pay way to much.

Anyway, a spanner friend of mine reckons he can pull it out, if not, I may stick a YZ can on it. Is the YZ can any louder than the FMF powercore IV?.......man that is really loud!

YZ can is equivalent to the PowerCore IV (in noise production), but has no spark arresting properties.....

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