trade or not

Hi, everyone I'm new to this sight & have a question. I figure this would be the best place for an answer. I have a 2004 yz 250 like new, pretty much stock bike, runs great, & strong. I went riding last weekend(in the woods) with a guy that had a 2003 wr 450. We rode for awhile then talked about switching bikes for awhile(I haven't ride a 4 stroke in years). It was great, loved the way it rode. Now for the question, he wants to trade would this a good trade? His bike is rougher than mine(not sure about hrs.), with a fmf pipe, some extra plastics(not sure the what kinda of shape), & the stock pipe. He said only thing done to the bike was oil changes. He races hare scrambles some & wants to do some MX. I just like to ride & have fun, maybe try a few hare scrambles, no MX (I've got bills to pay). I thought I would see what kind of response I got. Thanks

NADA avg retail 03 wr450 $4235

NADA avg retail 04 yz250 $3985

I dont think I would trade. Your bike sounds cleaner than his and who knows how his has been maintained - could get expensive to fix his neglect. What did you like better on the WR than yours? I have a YZ250 and am also thinking of switching but havent ridden one yet. If I could test one then I would know if its the bike for me.

Keep yours and get a Z clutch.

That to me would be the ultimate bike!!

If I was doing it all over again that is what I would do.

Thanks for replying RC81, you asked what I liked better about the WR. I think it was the power, it had good useable power, not the sudden power of a 2 stroke, you could just roll into it & go. It handled great, I figured it to be heavy & fill heavy, but it didn't. I think it is of one the best handling bikes I have ridden, a great woods bike! I may not trade, I dont know, but my next bike will be a WR more than likely! Thanks for the replies. :naughty:

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