650R running poorly?

Hey gang,

I have a 2000 650r thats running poorly. The best way for me to describe the way it runs is to say that it feels like its hitting the rev limiter too early. It has great throttle responce and isnt burning rich or anything funky. Now, keep in mind that I OWN and opporate my own automotive repair shop, meaning that I know how to turn a wrench. Ive gone throught the carb., it was perfectly clean with no loose jets or dropped float and all passages are clear and all adjustments are correct. The valves have been adjusted (6 and 8 thousands), the spark plug is new and the correct one, and gapped correctly (the old plug was even still in good shape). I borrowed a friends module to try on my bike but that wasnt it, I think its the pick-up signal generator. I checked all the electrical components with a voltmeter with the peak voltage adaptor and compared values to the book, but none of the values of any of the components jived with the book, so I cant pinpoint one part out of the bunch to replace. If anybody has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I just cant see myself not being able to fix this problem, but Im stumped. Please help a fellow red sled rider out.. Thanks, Dave..

Approximately what rpm does it start cutting out at?

If 7000rpm is stock, its only reving to about 5000rpm's..

Any thoughts???

Dave, The bike is uncorked, Right..... :naughty:

If your sure it's not fuel flow or choke butterfly or exaust restriction, take a run with the air filter out, check stator output, swap the coil see if your friend will let you use his coil to test, check connectors and grounds, disconnect kill switch. Never had a problem that sounds like that, good luck, make sure you post the fix when you figure it out.

Hey gang,

I have a 2000 650r thats running poorly. The best way for me to describe the way it runs is to say that it feels like its hitting the rev limiter too early. QUOTE]

This is as far as I got and I thought that your clutch might be toasted. Mine had similar symptoms, it would go great off the line and then once you got into the midrange it would wind out, slippage.

Listen you haven't said if you've done any mods or not. If you've done anything like just pulling the baffle out of the muffler and not adjusted the jetting then that's your problem.

List what you may have changed and then go again.

Hey guys,

Ive had the bike since new in 2000, I did ALL the power-up tricks back then (needle, jets, manifold, air box, new "E" White Bros. pipe, Ect.).. I have had no problems with any of that stuff.. Im very anal about servicing my big red sled. This is some thing that was fine one ride, and the next ride it wasnt running right....I made no changes or did any thing different from one ride to the next...Im pretty sure that it MAYBE the pick-up pulse generator, its a $255. part, and I just wanted conformation before I purchase it...Was hoping someone else may have had this problem. Every one that Ive talked with (dealers, Xr's only, ect.) all have said that they havent seen a lick of troubles with the Xr650's, that they are bullet proof. Thats why I bought one.....Thanks for any help you guys can give me, I REALLY appreciate it...Dave.

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