Will the real DVP step forward??

Thanks Moto Mike, James Dean, Boit and Hart for responding to my earlier post regarding my plug fouling issues and hard starting. From your info it seems like I should go back to at least a 168 main and a slightly leaner needle, the DVP. After reading another post I learned that the micro fiche info was incorrect so I decided to check what my dealer had on order for me. Again, I have a 98 WR with YZ cam timing, WB tapered headpipe, E series muffler W/ 8 discs, 162 main, stock needle and clip position, stock pilot, fuel screw at 1 3/4.

Heres my question: The dealer has ordered a DVP needle from a 2000 YZ Yamaha part no. 5JG-14916-DP. Clark references a DVP needle with a Yamaha part no. of 5BE-14916-DP in his "high altitute jetting" article in this site. Which is correct? I read another post where someone put a DVP needle in his WR and it fouled plugs. Someone else challenged the Yamaha part no. So, gang, which is correct?

As always, thanks for your help. Aside from the fouled plugs and hard starting, I love this machine and am excited (through all of your help)I am finally zeroing in on its quirks!


The right part is the 5BE.

On the microphiche I saw this part number (5BE) the only description was "needle".

The decription for the 5JG says "needle(DVP)". But the 5JG was not a DVP but a DKP. That is where the problem starts. Don't tell the parts dude you want a DVP because then he will order you the 5JG based upon the description. What you want is a 5BE.

Just don't tell them that the reason you know this is because you got the information off the internet. Then they will look at you like you are a moron and don't know what you are talking about and how if it is the wrong part you have to take the responsability, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, I eventually got the last laugh when they did indeed check with Yamaha techs and confirmed that the 5JG was mis-labeled a DVP on the microphiche and that it would be corrected.

As stated many times before the correct Yamaha part number for the "DVP" needle is 5BE-14916-DP. This number and its associated needle callout are correct on the 99 model year Yamaha fish.

On the 2000 fish the number called out for a DVP needle is incorrect (5JG-14916-DP) and if you order using this number you will get a DKP needle which will be way too rich on the transition region from straight to tapered section. If any of you have gotten the DKP needle it will be too rich and cause problems between 1/16 to 3/8 throttle openings.

The DVP needle (#4 or #5 clip) in conjunction with a 48 PJ, fuel screw 3/4 to 1.5 and 172 to 180 MJ works well and provides excellent and consistent throttle response across the power band. The range of settings for the Clip, Main and fuel screw are for altitude and or fuel considerations.

Good luck


Don't you just dread having to do business with a shop that treats it's customer like they are idiotic pests? There is a dealer about 12 minutes from my home that has to be the worst shop I've ever dealt with and refuse to patronize them again. Another shop is an hour away and has always been a pleasure to deal with. Luckily, this shop is on the way to my nearest track so I try to plan ahead to pick up anything I need from them. I don't see how these crappy acting shop owners/dealers can remain in business for very long treating their customers as they do.

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