stock 04, starting

Hey guys two questions... My stock 04 starts fine when hot. My question is, when it sits over night and i go to start it the next day i have to kick it a few times and then i kick it one go time and it backfires and will start on the next kick. Why is this backfire happening and then starts. ONLY does it after sitting all night. Also what is the best weight of oil to use in these bikes? Thanks guys and sorry if i ask to many questions on here...

These bikes are supposed to be harder to start hot then cold. That's why they put a hot start lever on them, to help out.

When you pull the lever it leans out the mixture, making it easier to start.

If you're easy to start hot but hard to start cold, maybe you are too lean on the pilot. It makes sense that if your bike is really easy to start hot, maybe you are lean all the time.

Have you changed the pilot jet to a larger one yet?

Try giving the throttle a quick pump (on/off) one time before you start it the first time of the day. That's what I do and it fires up first kick everytime.

Any suggestions on Oil weight i should be running?

See page 3-14 of your manual. There's a chart with viscosity recomendatoins based on temperature. I prefer Mobil 1 MX4T, 10w-40.

I use that same that same oil in mine. Mobil 1 MX4T.

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