Smaller rear wheel, good idea or bad?

got the answer, guess it is better! cool!!


I will gladly buy that 18" rim off you if you decide you want a 19". 18" is less popular for an MX bike, thicker tire means heavier assembly but more sidewall flex which is good for trail riding. It's your personal preference. I have the stock 19" and would like an 18" so that the YZF isnt the odd duck with my other enduros as far as tire size.

thanks, but I do most trail riding. I am going to mount up a Maxxis IT and take it for a ride.

The rims are excel, with Talon hubs and bulldog spokes and new ebc rotors. could not pass it up.

I will be selling my stock rims from my 1998 YZ400. They will come with Rotors, and sprocket for the rear. If anyone interested let me know. I will sell one or both. Looking for $100 on the front, and $200 for the rear, plus a few bucks for shipping. I have photos and they are in good, but used shape. Bearings seem good, and spacers are fine, actually I have brand new rear spacers. I will post later in the classifieds.


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