WR 450 rear break pedal adjustment

I'm trying to get the rear break pedal to lower a little. It seems very high in relationship to the foot peg. I have to lift my entire foot off the peg to get the leverage to make it hit. I have turned the adjustment nut till I was Yamaha blue in the face but it does not seem to be getting any lower. It will raise it while turning the nut but not the other way. Am I missing something?

Adjustment nut is to adjust the pedal movement, break level. To adjust the pedal position, remove it from the axel, turn it one tooth down and put it back in. Then you need to adjust it to right movement level.

Advice from Dwight_Rudder

Adjust your rear break lever to have about 3/4 to 1" of play. Adjust to level with foot peg.

I hope this helps..

Thanks, I did not realize that you could adjust the position that way. I thought about that when I looked at the shift lever, but went the way of the adjusment screw when reading the manual. Ill try it out tomorrow.

Try that out. I haven't done this kind of adjustment in my 05 WR450F, but this procedure usually works with enduro bikes.

I didn't see any adjust on mine that I could do by moving the pedal one spline :naughty: So I actually took the adjuster off the bike and cut the bolt down so that I could get enough adjustment to get the pedal level with my IMS lowboy pegs.


Actually there are no splines on the pedal axel, You have to remove the U-nut on the bottom of the adjustmet bolt and spin it clockwise to raise it, then when you reattach the pedal it lowers in the front. Thanks for all the input, the job is done.

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