426, losing oil?

on this one i am stumped. i have a '01 426 and was frightened ast the site of this. there is a hose runnig down the left side of the frame, coming from up near the top end somewhere. dripping out of there was oil, yet it was milkyish white and foamy/bubbly, as if there was water in the oil. first of all i am wondering why is there oil coming out of there, and how is water getting into it? i looked on the ground where i park my bike and noticed several more of these stains in the cement from after i take it for a put around the house and then put it back, it slowly drips for a few minutes. WHAT IS THIS?? lol, thanks for the help, your .02$ is greatly appreciated, thanks

If the hose is 1/2" diameter black hose open at the bottom, it's the crankcase breather tube. Some oil will normally find its way into this hose when the engine is run hard, and end up dripping onto the floor. It won't amount to much, just a few drops. The moisture is most likely the result of condensation. If you really have water in your oil, it will show on the dip stick as milky oil. Sounds reasonably normal. Relax.

thankyou very much you are exactly right about the hose, and yes its only a few drops i was just worried about what it was, thankyou very much for your help, its greatly appreciated

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