How far can you get on a tank????

I was just curious how far you all are getting on a tank of gas. I have a basically stock 04 WR450 it has the free mods and insert but stock tank. I understand terrain, speed and all that factors in but I was just curious to see what you guys are getting kinda get a ball park. I am starting to get back into riding again this is my first fourstroke. So far its awesome I love it.


Last summer while riding a scenic trail (4x4 trail) I went over 80 miles on a tank. In the mountains it seems to be more like 60-70 miles. I dont ride real hard like alot of these guys so see what they say.

On my 03 with an IMS 3 gallon I ran out at 150. I was conserving big time trying to make it to the next town. I didn't make it but had a half a gallon in my backpack.. Mileage varies, WOT for a couple of hours and you might get 30mpg, all depends...

Rode 160 mile this weekend. IMS 4.0 Tank, all speeds and terrains. Filed it with a gallon at lunch just cause and then had plenty when we got home. The fill up was at like mile 40. Rode it like I stole it very impressed with the fuel consumption. Go big tank it's good piece of mind for longer rides and less headaches.


I have a 01 wr 426 and if I am riding like I should be it gets about 100 miles to the tank ( 3.4 gal ). Do the math about 28 to 29 mpg. However if I rode like a girl I could probably get 125mpg out of it with no spinning the tire and no over revving....But what fun would that be? :naughty:

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