?'s for Bark Buster install on stock bars

I have a set of Moose Bark Busters and am trying to install them on my stock handle bars on my 01 426. They are not fittting due to the front brake "banjo" bolt coming off the front master cylinder. Does any one know a way around this or have any advice.

Also, if I install a set of 1 1/8 bars will have to replace my lever perches, throttle tube, and so forth due to the larger diameter or do they taper down before the end of the bars.

I never had any luck with anything working with stock bars - buy some renthal or protapers - Call moose ask them for recommended bars -

I used Acerbis on Protaper - with no problems

the 1 1/8 bars taper down before the brake and clutch perch.

Beasleys, I never had that problem, but I didn't try installing my busters on stock bars. If you can't bend them slightly and make it work, maybe a set of triple clamp handguard mounts would be the ticket. I have the GYT-R mounts and am pleased with them.

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