timing chain guide install

Hi, first time I'm doing a head rebuilt on my WR,

when I opened it, the front timing chain guide came out while the one on the rear side remained firmly in place. From the manual it looks normal but nothing written about how I should install it back. How do you make sure it is correctly installed if nothing really holds it to its place? Or is there something that olds it to its place that I don't know of? Have I mess with something?


I believe it is bolted on behind the flywheel and stator.

You would have to remove the flywheel and stator to change it.

You need to do the same thing to change the timing chain which may be a good idea of you are rebuilding the motor.

Good luck

Are you sure :naughty: , because according to the manual, you can actually remove it without touching the flywheel or stator :naughty: . Not the same thing with the rear one though. By the way, it is not broken at all.

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