I m new and I have a couple questions

Hi all,

I am now the proud owner of an 05' wr450 and a wr250. I bought em the same day. (his n hers) I have been working on my bike the last couple days. I have done the grey wire,throttle stop,pipe cork, and rejetted. This thing rips, but I know there is more there. I have not changed the needle or removed AIS yet. What if I were to use a YZ needle and remove the AIS? Also I have followed the link on the 450 mods thread and it is dead, so how do I remove the AIS. I should probably mention that I am running at 7000 feet.

At the very top of the wr450 forum is the TT promo for the ais smog removal kit. Buy it from the TT store, instructions are included. An '04 stock WR needle will give you adjustability.

what does that kit do ? I am assuming that it just plugs up all the holes. If not what? and will I have to rejet again?

what does that kit do ? I am assuming that it just plugs up all the holes. If not what? and will I have to rejet again?

Right, it's a very sano kit that plugs the holes. It's main purpose in life is to eliminate decel backfiring. Other than that it cleans up the engine space and provides better access to rear suspension and carb. It does not effect jetting specs.

so if I just go to NAPA and get some plugs, rip it out and plug everything Up I'll be good? I am not CheapI just Like to know exactly what I am doing to My bike, and If I can keep my money in the process....

What's your peace of mind worth? The R & D has been done and there's no guesswork involved with the AIS kit. You can do it the NAPA way, but why worry about $30 when you've already dropped $6K on the bike? Just my advice...SC

I don't really care as much about the money as much as knowing what I am doing to the Bike. I just like to know what I am plugging, what it is doing and What I am affecting, so later I can track what the bike is doing etc. I do see your point though.

does this smog removal kit, affect the warranty on the bike? or any of these free mods, do they affect the warranty?

Warranty, what warranty?

As far as the AIS kit, I don't think you would gain anymore understanding of the bike if you bought your plugs from Napa versus ordering the kit. All the kit is is a few plugs and in reality, the kit comes with instructions so if anything you would probably gain a better understanding if you bought the kit. But basically all you do is take the AIS and all of the hoses and fittings off and then plug the holes. I'd get the kit. That way you know that you're putting in the correct size plugs.


Good Point, Thanx For The Input

Are you sure that your bike is under warranty, up here in the north pole there is absolutely no warranty on a WR. You may also want to add the slide of a YZ carb

Your warranty is only 30 days. Do yourself a favor and get the JD Jetting Kit also very much worth the money as all will tell you.

I looked at the AIS as I removed it and as nearly as I can tell here is what it does....There are 3 hoses involved. The intake side hose on the head is where the "pump" gets it's pulses that draw fresh air thru the hose that goes from the airbox to the "pump". the air then travels to the exhaust side fitting on the head where it joins the exhaust flow helping to reduce unburned pollutants making for a cleaner exhust. All thanks to the folks at C.A.R.B. The "lean burn" effect of the AIS is what causes all of that popping on deceleration. I bought the kit from Lowedog before he undoubtedly got swamped with orders and handed the marketing end over to the TT store. They are nice pieces crafted by a mad machinist/motorcycle enthusiast who did a great job. Buy them and you won't regret it.

i bought the extended 3 year warranty on my bike, my lady works @ chapparal motorsports down here in so cal(i dont think its a factory warranty its through chapparal), it only costed me 150 bucks! i would ask her if it would void my warranty but, knowing her she'll get it mixed up when asking the sales department.

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