Had a great ride last Sunday, headed off to a place called Neerim the home of the old 'wild-dog' rally, had some excellent tracks, you now the type that aren't to tight or too open but you can absolutely cain along and get that tunnel vision happening.

Another thing I think that made it so good was the fact that one of the guys I ride with brought along his new GPS which meant that we didn't have to worry about getting lost or remembering the way back to the cars,we just rode!

It's a four day week-end comming up in Melbourne, I was planning to do a 250km trip from the Thompson Dam to Licola, but an old best mate just bought dt230 and I don't think he'll be up to such a big ride first up, so I think I'll take him to my dirt-bike Nivarna at a secret location in Gippsland (if for some reason he can't make it I'll be off to Licola)if any one is interested just let me know.

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