racing fuel in a brp

Anyone have experience with racing fuel in a brp? I was thinking about trying it 50/50. I don't really know why, just thought I would see how it worked. Thanks

For many years now, when I worked with the Magnificent 7 Race Team in Score races, we served 100 octane to both 600s and 650s. They ran good. The team I'm with now (Baja Pits USA Race Team) serves 92 and 100 as well. :naughty:


I use 1 gal. of race fuel with 4 gallons of super unleaded, Works great.... :naughty:

Probably not really needed but it don't hurt, Beside's it has a cool exhaust smell........ :naughty:

I tried it once, didn't care for it. I used it before the EBQS so not sure what a differance that would make. I found it to not start quite as easy. They say that this bike runs best on 92. When you get to the higher octane (105-115) I have heard that a High compression piston is needed to make it best effective, otherwise its wasting money. I don't have any sources on this but sort of what was said when I tried it and posted it as a question here also years ago. But, it does smell good, Or better anyway.

Hi octane=cooler explosion.

That cant hurt in the long run or on long runs...

did it once in a dez race and noticed no diff but the bike did not blow up which is allways a possibility on long fast runs...

my 2 cents(just gave it to you now I got no $ for race fuel.)


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