anyone ever ride or been around a husky te610??

I was reading some old dirt bike issues, and was reading about the te610..

106 mph top speed,,, this would be fun..

they say they're reliable..

just fill weird to ride..

I would like to try one of them on a open trail ride....

any response is a good response.....

ride it like it is your wife's best freind...

i have a friend who is a husky dealer. he rides the 610. lots of balls, does hillclimbs well and real fast wide open. not a woods bike at all.

Soft suspension, quick- but nowhere near as snappy as a WR, and you will never sell it again- poor resale value. Did I mention their reliability? (questionable!)

I owned a 95 Husky 610; got rid of the heavy dual exhaust installed a Malcolm Smith unit, and a higher comprssion piston on the bike. My 610 was very reliable, extreamily fast great hill climer, excellent dual sport ride and a fairly good handler. The guy I sold it to in 97 still races the bike in the desert expert class.

The 610 does not have snappy power like the WR but has tons of torque and is easy to ride at any pace. It will corner but you must work much harder at it than on the Yamaha the biggest problem back then was PARTS availability. I crashed the bike punched a hole through the left clutch cover and damaged the inner cluth hub. I ordered new parts and it took EIGHT months to get the inner cluth hub. Luckily I did a home repair on my hub and it held together until the new parts finally arrived. I had no real troubles not crash related but the parts thing was disturbing. I feel the 610 is a better dual sport ride for the street than the WR it just cruses along and has great passing power.

My thoughts


I just reluctantly sold my 91 610. I agree with what Clark has said. I holed the clutch case once and phone all over N. America til I found someone with the part...took about 6 weeks in all. Other than that no mechanical break downs. Awesome machine, a true thumper.

WR has more snap, Husky was overall faster, pulled like tractor from the drop of the clutch and you were goin way to fast when ya wanted to stop.....Is NOT a woods bike, and since I moved from an open area to a new area where I mostly ride woods it was not compatable..hence the WR and I really like it...



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