IMS tank, my petcock leaks!!!!!!!!!....

I recently bought an IMS tank for my 98 yz400 from a fellow TTer. My problem is that my stock petcock won't seal up. It uses a very small o-ring to seal to the mating surface of the stock tank, but it seams as though I need an actual rubber gasket for it to seal up to the IMS tank, as the mating surfaces differ. Has anyone had this problem, or heard of it?

Also, the petcock is on the rider's left side instead of the right, and I have to turn the stock petcock to the inside to keep the fuel line outlet facing rearward. Has anyone experienced this, or had problems with the fuel line being to close to the exhaust as a result? :naughty:

Thanx in advance.

i thought the petcock was always on the left side???? maybe im just imagining things..

So if I got this right You are trying to use the factory petcock on the IMS tank. The factory petcock goes on the LH side where as the IMS tank has it on the RH side. That's why the factory one wont fit, it's being used on the wrong side (hence why you had to turn it around). With that said My 98, when I had an IMS tank on it, had an IMS supplied petcock and I believe a full face rubber gasket not o-rings. Suspect you'll need to get either an aftermarket petcock with the correct RH config, or just call IMS for one. Why didn't the IMS tank come with it?

Hope this helps.

My clarke tank came with a beefy rubber gasket to add to the assembly. That's what you need.

I bought the tank from a fellow TTer, as I said, and it was used. No petcock supplied. I don't mind that the shutoff is to the inside, I just don't want it to leak all over the exhaust! :naughty:

Not on this tank. Any help would be awesome!!! :naughty:

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