TY Davis yz250?

hey guys

i know this site is called 'thumper talk' but i was just wondering how much more than a stock '04 250 one of ty davis' race 250's would be worth.its a full on race bike and it has all of ty's signature stuff on it. an average price on cycle trader is $4500, and ty told me $5000 for his bike, that is what he sells all of his year old bikes for. anyways am i better off with an '05 with the aluminum frame and adding all of the trick stuff myself or am i better off with the ty bike with a steel frame already tricked out?

I bought my 05 YZ250 for $5200. It is noticably lighter than the 04 and once dialed in the suspension is awesome.

I would opt for the new bike myself and set it up the way you like it.

ya i've heard mention several times of the steel frames stretching on that model,i'd go new because if anyone could stretch it i'm sure he would :naughty:

You know as cool as it is to own a pros bike. Its really not worth it they beat the hell out of them. I use to own a kyle lewis race bike, it worked out OK for me but wouldn't by it again . Get the new one.

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