best exhaust

hey i have an 05 wr450 i want to know what the best exhuast out there is. i live in canada so noise is not a big issue. i would like something affordable to.

good luck finding one affordable. :naughty: you can always build one.

i would get an fmf "Q" fullsystem with a powerbomb header.

also, re-jet the bike and if your 2005 has the oval indents in the side of the airbox, cut them out.

Noise is an issue no matter where you live. For the cheapest return for your money,go with the new Pro Moto Billet insert. Only $59.95 US plus frieght.


Buy the PMB insert, like Jim mentioned above, then take the $500 or so and spend it on suspension or a steering dampner. If you ever crash the stock exhaust then get yourself a nice Yosh pipe or whatever.

If you are dead set on an exhaust I'd really keep waiting for the R&D to change with all the pipe makers. Alot of new stuff keeps coming out, so wait and see.

ya i think im gonna spend my money on something else. i'm pretty good with the tig welder and findin some stainless tube will take about a 2 minute wonder through my back yard.

Like Simon, and if the money is buringing a hole in your pocket, a FMF powerbomb and Q are a good way to go. Very happy with mine. I had noise issues so there was no choice for me, but I could find other better ways (steering dampner for example) to spend he money and increase speed.

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