Who makes the best aftermarket lights for enduro riding? I am street legal and would perfer high and low beams. I like the looks of the dual round light set up I have seen in some pictures. Function, durability and brightness are key features.


Have you considered a HID setup. Baja Designs has a kit available. Extremely bright blue white light and about 1/2 the power of a standard Halogen lamp set up. I am in the process of cutting up a Lexus heahlight assembly to salvage the bulb and transformer for my WR.

There is another company called Nightrider with a HID setup that is helmet mounted. Nightrider sponsored the Team that won the expert class at the Glen Helen 24 hour endurance race. One of the riders raved about this set up.

What year/models Lexus' have the HID lamps?

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