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WA ORV Rally Next Step - Operation CLOUT

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One of the behind the scenes folks that has spent a Great Deal of time over

the years trying to keep Washington State Riding areas open is Dave Hiatt.

He is working with others to create a List of Active ORV Users for future

issues/events for coordination etc...

Anyway, here is the deal...(Originally written Sat, Mar 26th)

PS: Only Washington State Residents should send in their contact info.


The ORV Rally yesterday was a huge success thanks to you! Those of you that were there obviously got your riding friends to attend. Those of you that could not attend obviously got others to attend for you. The Seattle TV News stations are reporting that the ORV users “gridlocked Olympia.”

One of the most amazing aspects was the speech by Senator Sheldon where he apologized to all the ORV users for ever putting the language in SB5089 which would have made it illegal to operate one’s own ORV within 600 feet of your own property line! He assured all of us that no anti-ORV legislation will become law this session.

Many of the speakers at yesterday’s Rally implored us to build on the activist base we have established with the Rally and to channel that energy into specific actions with the legislature, now and in the future. I have volunteered to work with the sign-up lists, the contact information we obtained via the active-offroader@lycos.com email, and every ORV contact from all the organizations involved in yesterday’s Rally to compile one database of the ORV user’s that have demonstrated a willingness to do something. There really are a lot of us!

I intend to work on the creation and maintenance of a database containing active ORV users by their respective representative(s) and senator. That way we will be able notify the specific constituents of the involved representatives, in both the House and the Senate, of our ORV related desires and concerns directly through their own personal constituents as we continue to watch the legislative actions in Olympia on a daily basis.

Senator Sheldon’s speech yesterday, making a direct and sincere apology to the entire off road community, was probably the most astounding thing I have ever seen happen in Olympia. It happened because his ORV user constituents spent the time to educate him! We all owe John Eaton, his friends and customers for this one!

I know that many of us do not have the time to review everything that is happening in Olympia every day the Legislature is in session. However, some ORV users and I already watch this every day as closely as we can by subscribing to the WA Legislative Responder Lists that show almost all the daily activity.

Just think how effective it would be to have a database of active ORV users indexed by Representative and Senator that could quickly be contacted via email or telephone, be informed of exactly what is happening, who is doing it and be given the suggested information for provision to their personal elected representative. We will hold real power in Olympia if we can build and maintain this type of network!

Email calls to action for people on this network will be limited to legislative ORV issues. Separate sub-categories for other common interests will be established for other non-ORV related issues as they come up which would include only those who desire to also be involved in those issues.

I have started work on this project but need your help to make it happen. I also know that many of us, me included, are reluctant to provide personal information to others via the internet. However, even I am willing to provide my email address – dhiatt@hpgmc.com, name – Dave Hiatt, and home (voting) zip code – 98443, to just about anyone.

Your preferred email address, name and home (voting) zip code are all we need to make this Constituent Legislative Online User Target (CLOUT) system work! We need CLOUT in Olympia!

Please take one easy step to help us do this.

Please email dhiatt@hpgmc.com

Subject: CLOUT

And just type in your name, home (voting) zip code and preferred

email address as text. (Must be a Washington State resident)

Those of us working on this will then work to get this system up and running.

Thank you,

Dave Hiatt – NMA Volunteer, TMC member, Blue Ribbon Coalition life member, NOC steering committee member and most importantly an active off road user who is sick and tired of us getting our butts kicked by those who want to destroy our sport!

Tacoma, WA

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thanks for forwarding this info on zmr, I couldn't agree more with Dave's idea and have already sent him my info.

everyone needs to get on this list!!!!

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Dave is a good guy and very knowledgeable about local ORV issues. I just sent in my contact info. Thanks guys! -Ed

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Any word on how many folks we got on the list I sent it to everyone I know that rides, Drives or just loves to play outside to pitch in.

So if there is a count please post it just the number of people I mean



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Dont know the exact number, but the word is that CLOUT now has hundreds

of off road users in the database but needs thousands to be really effective.

I know there are thousands of us...they are out there...somewhere...

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The information below was sent to us by Rep. Toby Nixon. He has a great point. The ORV community will want to tell their side of this issue. You do not want the U.S. Forest Service to hear ONLY from the Ecosystem Alliance activists. Rep. Condotta asked that I share this with you and you may want to forward this to your e-mail distribution lists.

Kurt Hammond

Legislative Aide to Cary Condotta

12th District Representative

3012 G.S. Center Rd. Suite "D"

Wenatchee, WA 98801

(509) 664-1274

#124 WILD NORTHWEST, May 17, 2005

A Message from Northwest Ecosystem Alliance

=====Keeping the Northwest Wild=====

Speak out for Wildlife and Quiet Recreation

New Off Highway Vehicle Route System underway on the Colville National Forest

In the next few weeks the Forest Service will decide where to allow off-road vehicle access on northeastern Washington's Colville National Forest (CNF), home to endangered wildlife including lynx and grizzly bear. The decision sets a precedent for other national forests as they implement a highly anticipated new rule for managing off-road vehicles in federal forests. Citizens throughout the Northwest are watching how the CNF implements this off-highway vehicle management plan with national significance for wildlife, non-motorized recreation, wild areas, clean water, and public safety.

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference as this off-road vehicle plan reaches its final phase. In the next few days, please comment using our action center, http://www.ecosystem.org/action/index.html?MessageTemplateID=3. Hand-delivered by Northwest Ecosystem Alliance staff, your site-specific comments will help Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell choose which roads to open and which to leave closed. Motorized vehicles and roads have a profound impact on wildlife, damaging habitat and disturbing natural cycles. Encourage the Forest Service to designate an off-road vehicle route system that is manageable and enforceable, that protects non-motorized recreation values, and that conserves forests and streams as habitat for bull trout, pine marten, and mountain caribou.

For more on this process, visit www.ecosystem.org/CNF_OHVbackground.html.

And thank you for sending your personalized comments to help keep the Colville National Forest wild!

Erin Moore

Communications Coordinator

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance

1208 Bay St., Ste. 201

Bellingham, WA 98225

360.671.9950 ext. 24

Keep the Northwest wild! For further information, please visit www.ecosystem.org.

Our strength lies in our membership. You can join Northwest Ecosystem Alliance for just $15 per year. Please go to https://commerce.realimpact.net/nwea/getinvolved_member.html.

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Whatever you do, do NOT send a letter to the address listed above - Erin Moore is the enviro's contact!!!1

Send your letters to:

Debbie Wilkins

USDA Forest Service

Colville National Forest

Newport Ranger District

317 North Warren

Newport, WA 99156



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Great Pt !!!

Thanks for the contact info! :)

Does Debbie have an email too???

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