Dyno chart - XR650L corked vs uncorked

I have seen a dyno chart for the stock L, but was wondering if someone can post one for an uncorked model with foam filter and free flowing exhaust...



what is the hp of a stock xr650l ? isit the same as thexr650r ?

Hi,can i get a detailed step by step on how to uncork my 01 xr650l


The horsepower of a stock 650l is nowhere near that of an xr650r. It makes around 35 horsepower, the bikes have entirely different engines. go to 4strokes.com and look around, they have a page with the horsepower ratings of quite a few bikes, including the 650.

The guy looking to uncork his xrl, go to 4strokes.com, it will help you. GOODLUCK

Well the performance modifications are complete. I put the Dynojet kit in used the 165 and drilled the 2 holes to 5/32, FMF Q2 exhaust, UNI airfilter and removed the snorkel. Changed out the sprockets to 14 / 48 and I'm working on the new tank and seat.

Took it down for my "Free" Dyno test. The Tech did some adjusting on the mixture needle and ran two tests for me. I don't know what the results mean but here they are.

SAE Torque (ft-lbs) 33.3

SAE Max Horsepower 34.9

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