xr650r carb slide drilling?

I've been poking around looking at all the mods to do to the carbs and uncorking of the xr650 and I noticed that someone recommended drilling the slide holes on the xr650L carb to 5/32 when uncorking but I haven't seen this mentioned for the 650R. (http://4strokes.com/tech/honda/xr650lcarbmods/)

all the other mods seem about the same.

Has anyone tried this? and no I haven't measured the holes on my 650r yet, I was just wondering.


The carbs are different. I have never heard of anybody drilling them in the 650r carb. As far as I know there is no need to drill it.

The "L" uses a carb that relies on ehgine vaccum to open a slide in the front of the carb before the throttle butterflies. By opening up the holes the slide moves up faster. I do not think the "R" has this type of carb.


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