650r carb

Anyone know what a used brp carb sells for?

PM me an offer and we'll find out.

Hey I just realized, I have one in my garage just sitting around. I could ship it out with the headlamp/ fairing if we can figure out a price.

I've got it boxed up and I'm going to swing by the Post office this afternoon, or I might just put it on the postage meter at work and figure it out that way. I would just use the postage meter at work, but I'm not positive that I would be doing it correctly.

I'm interested to know too. My buddy is throwing a 650 single into a TZ250 chassis and wants the carb. He wants to know how much I want for it and I have no idea. What's a good buddy/friend price you figure? I may just give it to him for free and then he has nothing on me when I ask to take it out for a rip and flog it :naughty:

I sold mine for $50. I think thats a fair price for a used carb unless its an fcr or something.

Actually you can call a dealer and ask them what it would cost for one. That will give you an idea of replacement value. If your sure you will never use it again then $50.00 would be more than fair in fact a steal. If I knew I would never use mine again I would just give it to ya but when I sell the bike I'm taking the Edelbrock off. Anyway it sounds like the guys are willing to almost give you one.

Here is what service Honda is asking for a new one:

Retail Their Price

16100-MBN-672 CARBURETOR (PE78A A) $390.15 $257.54

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