How much is an 83 XL600 worth? Who has one??

I am going to look at a 1983 XL600R this weekend, and wanted to know what it is worth, and what would be a good price for it? :naughty: It looks real clean in the pictures, and it has 12k miles on it. The owner says all the gauges and lighting work perfectly, no smoke out the tail pipe, and suspension is good/not leaking. There is a rear on the stock seat cover. He is asking $1000 OBO. I fugure it would be a fun dual sport bike for around town. Any of you guys have one? What's your opinions?? Thanks for any imput! :naughty:

Ok, It should be "tear" on the stock seat cover, not rear. :naughty: And Figure instead of Fugure. I need a stickey for my computer..."Turn the spell check on, Dummy!" :naughty:

I $1000 would be a decent price. I paid 900 for my '86, but I needed wheels, fender, seat cover, headlight bulb and fairing, rear turn signals and a whole lot of TLC. It is awesome now. I have added a Supertrapp, Acerbis Rally Pro handguards, disc guard, tail bag, and a Ram GPS mount. If you get the bike, you will have a fun scoot. It is not a city bike, per se, but will get you around when not in the dirt. Where in AZ are you?

I have an 83 xl600. Its a fun bike around town. A little on the heavy side but still fun. My problem is everybody has stopped making parts for the thing. I dont know what to tell you about $ as I got a rare garage find for free. Looks like it just flew out of 1983

Hey Target Drone,

I am in Phoenix, AZ. I don't think the guy has the title for it, so it will be strictly offroad. I think I will get it. I miss riding my dad's 82 XR 500 when i was a kid.

You won't be sorry.Leave it stock and treat it well. It will do the same.They are pretty bulletproof.That's a right price.

Good luck.

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