DVP PINGING, Clark and James

Clark or James, i've tried the dvp needle for the past few weeks in my 2000 WR I'm running WR timing, the needle at # 5, 48 pilot, 178 main. My motor pings under a load in the mid range at 1500'- 3000'

elevation. I had no pinging prior to installing the DVP needle. I rode in the Inyo Mountains this past weekend and had no pinging above 5000' elevation. What's your take on this situation?



The Dvp needle you speak of is recommended only when you are running YZ timing. Sorry to butt in.



A DVP needle in clip #5 is EXACTLY the same jetting in the midrange as your stock DRS in clip #3. (Standard factory jetting)

Why would it ping now and not before at this point?...

Were you originally in clip #3 with the DRS? Did you move it 2 clips richer when you switched?

Otherwise, the jetting does not explain it.

(Top clip slot is #1, bottom clip is #7)



Most of my riding is done at 4000 to 6000 feet. I thought i heard a very small amount of pinging when i first installed the dvp at #4. I moved to # 5 and didn't detect any pinging until i was in the Death Valley area at about 1500' this weekend. Should i move it to # 6 or go to different needle?



I could easily suggest richer settings but am reluctant. You are already richer on the pilot, needle straight diameter, and main jet.

Needle or needle clip- maybe... maybe not

Is there something else not right?? Accel pump? Fuel octane? Overheating? Fuel line/ filter clogged? Air leak? (just throwing out ideas)

What are the specifics on when and where it pings. Throttle position?



I'm with James on his observations and would suspect something else leading to a higher running temperature like fuel octane, cooling efficency, perhaps a developing air/vacuum leak or dirty carb jets, clogged vent tubes etc.

The jetting you are running is on the ever so slightly rich side and should not be a problem. If you feel strongly go ahead and raise the needle to #6 and give it a rip but I would look over the bike carefully to make sure that the old nemesis DIRT has not upseting something.

Please let us know of your findings observations and final jetting.



Thanks guys.

I'll check things over on the bike, put some new fuel in and probably move the needle to #6. I'll let you know my findings after the weekend. Thanks for your support!

Clark and James, i just talked with a buddy that has the exact bike and set up who also changed to dvp # 5 when i did. He was on our 325 mile ride last weekend that included

Inyo Mountains and skirted the western edge of Death Valley. He says his bike also started pinging at the lower elevations with rolling on the gas. I've dropped my needle to # 6. I'll update you after the weekend.



Was the pinging mostly at 1/4 throttle or 2/3 throttle? On flat or uphills?

glen, chuck your fuel out & get a fresh load. get the best you can.

i had a leak when i de-octopussed the bike & at the same time i put the hot start button on the handlebars. i fell off in driving rain & poodled home.

i washed the bike, did one racing lap, then it pinked (brit word) & blasted heat at me throuth the radiators. swapped fuel & it stopped it pinking. next lap i had an air leak-like a big one. BUT THE BIKE DESPITE RUNNING LEAN DIDN'T PINK. this was a cap falling off one of the old orifices.

got this done & it still wouldn't pull top end, i had double checked everything, turned out to be the hotstart button. in one position it would leak!



Are you sure you guys did not get some funny gas at a gas stop. The facts are not adding richer eveywhere than stock and now you ping? This is a interesting problem.


James & Clark,

Pinging was experienced more at 1/4 throttle range. Slightly up hill it pinged more. I could make it ping easily on a slight uphill by slowly rolling on the gas. Once i got to mid or full open throttle it would stop.

I moved the needle to # 6 this past weekend

went for a very short ride with no pinging.I didn't change the fuel in the bike. I will go for a real ride this weekend and put the bike through my normal abuse. I'll let you guys know what happens.


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