96 XR600R Lighting issues

I've got a 96 XR600R that runs great, except the lights don't work anymore. I was having problems with the headlight burning out, especially after bumpy roads or in wet/cold conditions. Solved that problem by putting a little gasket maker in with the bulb to seal the headlight hole. this helped with vibrations, also. Next my taillight quit working and I bought a new bulb to replace it with and found the existing one was fine.

Currently, neither light works, and that's with new bulbs. I haven't put a multimeter on the light sockets yet, but I know there's no current there, otherwise there'd be SOME light.

So can anyone tell me what to check next or what the problem might be. I'm assuming my stator is fine since I'm getting good spark and the bike doesn't run or start any differently now than it did before. Thanks for your help!

Check for corrosion or an unplugged wire at the double-female voltage regulator connections under the seat.

Don't forget about your stator just yet; the lighting and ignition occupy separate windings. I was having lighting problems without ignition problems and it turned out that some of the lighting windings were grounding out on the case on an aftermarket stator. Which isn't to say you shouldn't look for a simpler problem first...

well... I had previously had the seat off looking at connections, but must have missed one! so after cleaning everything up and checking all connections, I'm happy to say that both lights are working great!

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