YZ Front Number Plate on 04 WR 450F

I have searched and seen a few guys discuss this mod. I am intererested. I dont need the headlight and want to remove the light before I brake it.

I want the mod to look nice. One guy simply gutted the light but left its shell. I think I want it to look more refined than that now that my "midlife" crissis is in full effect with this bike. So I have the following questions:

- Best place to put the ignition switch - some mounted on outside of triple clamp; one other guy ziptyped to his number plate

- Still want to keep the odometer - need to know how low on gas I am when riding. Where do I put that? What if I get a TrailTech computer instead.

- What about mounting brackets to number plate. They dont match up.

I saw one guy do the "YZ Hurricane mod" so he must have figured out how to do this but did not see close up pictures.

Any pictures or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help "Thumper Gods"

I did this on my 01 wr426 I actually made a quick connect so I could switch between the two in a matter of minutes with no tools required. No hacking on the bike as well. I used the brackets that the headlight mounts to and made 3 parts to make it adapt to the bike. I can go from wr style to yz style in about a minute and back to wr in about 1 minute and 20 sec. I figured out how to do it after I busted the headlight at a cost of $119.00 for the lens. wish I would have figured it out sooner. The mod cost about $ 8.00 to do and a little time to make ( real simple) my concern was I wanted to leave the odometer on as well.

I did my 02 WR 426 also just need a little bracket it is easy.

Steve I have a 04 WR450 and have done this mod first thing you will need to do is get a 03 YZ450 top tripple clamp.I also removed all the metal bracketts holding the wireing and ignition button.The wires/plugs I taped them together and they fit behine the # plate just fine,just use enough tape to hold them together not water tight you can keep water in easyer than out so let them breath so the can dry out from wet conditions.UFO and Acerbs plastics have a cut out for the rear fender so you can mount the water bottle.for my ignition button I made a little bracket here is a pitchure any Questions post or send a PM and I'll pm you my phone # so we can talk if you want.Its after 5 so got to get before a costomer comes in and wants a phone at the last minute [i hate when they do that to me]


use the same address but change the last part 0386.jpg for another pick.

I am always amazed at everyone's creative ideas and generosity of their knowledge and time. Thank you to all. Barefootbob, you have a great idea to protect the ignition switch in the way you did but unfortunately, I have a Scotts Steering stabilizer installed so no room for the switch. If anyone else can chirp in with ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.


Steve, me and Big Davey both put YZ plates on our bikes. I didnt do any real mods. I did remove the upper brake cable retainer so the brake cable goes over the plate like a yz. I bent my ignition bracket alittle so it didnt push the plate out much. I also use a cable tie to cinch it down instead of making a bracket. I can switch from yz to wr with headlight in a matter of minutes. Works good for me. :naughty:

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