Glowing orange header

Hey its not a WR, but i dumped my 04Yz450F and after picking it up and riding the trail for a bit, came back to were i wiped and saw smoke everywhere...OH yes...caught the place on fire..out of all my yrs of riding never had seen that :naughty::naughty:

completly normal :naughty: , just rub your bear leg against it :naughty:

completly normal :naughty: , just rub your bear leg against it :naughty:


When i was 5 learning to ride my Yamaha GT80, I layed it down and pinned my leg between the front fender and the head pipe (after riding it for a couple hours and getting it good and hot). I was too little to pick the bike up off of me and my leg was litterally sizzleing. It finally hurt enough that I found some extra strength and threw the bike off me.

I've STILL got a shiny scar across my lower leg (21 years later) from that... I couldnt imagine doing the same thing on my 450, which Im sure gets quite a bit warmer than that ol 80 did

I have some melted spots on my pants from the header. :naughty:

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