Can U put a 110/90 19 tire on 100/90 19 rim?

I can't seem to find an 8 paddle in the size of 100/90 19, but I've been wondering if you can actually put a 110/90 19 on the same wheel. I know they are very close (about 1/4 of an inch). I've done this with certain car wheels but wonder if anyone has the "know" on this?



No problem at all Ryan

So, a 99-05 rear yz125/250 wheel, while having a different rim, but same hub, will fit on my 02 yz426 with the larger wheel 110/100 19 on the 250 wheel that comes stock with a 100/90 19.

The reason I ask is because I have not been able to find an 8 paddle with the 100/90/19. I know the wheel will fit on my bike, but wasn't sure if the 8 paddle tire being 110/90 19 would fit on the smaller rim.

Not that I doubt you, but would hate to make that investment only to be wrong. Has anyone actually done this? Does the wheel come off the rim easier? harder to mount? any type of downside?


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