Uni Air Filter and No-toil

I spoke with someone from No-toil earlier, because my new uni airfilter were coming apart at the seams. The rep from no-toil said that the isoporpyl alcohol in the no-toil breaks down the adhesive in the uni filters. They will replace your uni filters that have come apart at the seams with a free no-toil filter if you mail them into them. Just thought you guys may have run into the same problem sooner or later. Their address is P.O. Box 3070, Yuba City, CA 95992. Good luck

When No Toil first came to market, it destroyed 2 of my Uni filters. I bitched at them and they sent me replacement filters - No Toil brand though. The new filters did not fit and I tossed them away.

I bought 2 new Uni filters and will never use a No Toil product again.

It has been widely known that No Toil's cleaner breaks down the glue on the Uni Filters. They have had the policy of replacing the filters for free. Great customer service. I have since switched to their filters. :naughty: 2 of the 4 I had are now coming apart too. I am not sure there is a glue that can withstand that cleaner. I have been a long time user of the stuff and really can't complain about the ease and protection but the glue thing has me concerned. 30 bucks a pop isn't cheap neither. Time to give them a call I think.

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