Let's see those trick YZF's


yamaha450f, that is a SWEET bike...I love those black rims...

'01 426

'03 450

Hey Fox426, you've got the same number (426) I do. :naughty:

00' 426

All brand new yellow plastic (one industries)

Complete Hurricane Graphics kit

New 3.3 gal Clarke Mfg tank (yellow)

Looks Sweet!!!!!

Cant post pic, to much of a newbie to TT

email it to me chardiank3@shaw.ca and I'll post it fer yah

yall have some sweet A$$ bikes. My old CR 125 was sweet cause it was all black.

My new YZ 250 has one industries BUD LIGHT graphics.

Nice bikes EVERYBODY! :naughty:

Jlo Bike

2000 426

Here's a pic of my 2000 426 laying against a grass clump at sand lake.


i want the hurricane kit like that but the blue frame looks kinda weird with it

The blue looks great with the yellow. Kinda like the old RM's

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