Let's see those trick YZF's

Great pics everybody; thanks for posting. Keep them coming. :naughty:

My 02 WR with YZ Stuff!


My bike must the most stock looking "trick" 426 out there. She ain't much to look at, just and old fat girl 00 426 with lots of money thrown at it, but it's paid for! :naughty:


Cowboyona, are those the original graphics? Mine is an 00 also, but I have been through about 4 or 5 different graphic kits. I do crash alot though. :naughty:


Heres a real trick one! The head stock has popped open and the front end is real bent... But with another frame and front end the bike is great now!PICT0413.jpg



Aussie WR250F- how the hell did you manage to pull that one off? That looks nasty.

yzf450jack- how do you like those handguards? I've considered those on my next bike.

FOX426- all the plastics and graphics are stock on my bike.

I just got the same handguards and I love them. When you first get them you think that they are weak but when you get them on the bike they are strong and the look nasty also.

I have Rally Pro's right now and I was less than impressed with their strength at first. They are 100% better now that I have the triple clamp mounts for them, but I like they fact that these new ones are bent so you don't have to cut your lever.

Some really nice bikes here!

I like them they have 3 differant gaurds for the front sm. med. lg. ones I have the med. ones

Very Nice. Is the tank yellow or is that a Decal that wraps around the tank?

It looks good now Heath!

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