Don't Miss it

Remember guys Dust to Glory opens Friday :naughty::naughty:

I'm there!!!!

To bad I don't live in NY or Cali. Did anyone see the movie on Friday.We are going to Phoenix to see it this Friday. Also picking up some tires. Get this deal 4 rear 110/100/18 Kenda 760's and 2 front 80/100/21 kenda 760's for the bargin price of 216 plus tax. We are getting them from Arizona motor sports group. . We looked around and they were the best deal. If you needto have them shipped it costs 9.95 per tire still making it a better deal by a couple bucks then everywhere else we looked. Concide them in your search for tires next time. Back to the movie lets get some reviews. :naughty:

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