funky front brake

I just swapped my 2000 front brake set up for a 2001 set up. I am having problems getting it to feel right. I believe I got all of the air out since I vacum bled it but the lever still feels spongy. Now what? Any secrets or tips?

I had trouble with my bleeder screw on my front brake after a fluid change. Might want to check that first, cheap and can't hurt. Otherwise, let it sit overnight with a rubber band on the lever, and crack the bleeder in the morning. If you still have problems give the master cylinder a look to check for compression followed by scratches or excessive wear.

Good Luck

There are two really good ways to chase stubborn bubbles out of your brake. One is to remove the caliper and raise it level with or a little higher than the master cylinder with the bleeder still at the top of the caliper and bleed it normally. Gravity will now be on your side.

Be sure to put something between the pads to keep the piston from popping out of the bore if the brake gets squeezed while it's off the rotor.

The other way is to dismount the caliper, hold it so that the brake hose fitting is on top, and push the pistons all the way back into the caliper. This can overfill the reservoir and get messy, but it's effective. Wait a bit for air to work up out of the reservoir and gently pump the caliper back out a ways, wait for air to crawl to the top again and repeat. Again, use something to duplicate the thickness of the rotor to avoid blowing out a piston.

I take a large syringe filled with brake fluid and attach a 12 inch hose to it and attach it to the bleeder screw,pop the master cover off and compress the syringe and force the fluid through the system, it gets messy but also get ALL of the air out, cheap tool also!!

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