stock wr-400 pipe add-on silencer

I'm in need of a add-on silencer for my WR-400. anyone have one they want to sell? Or know where to get one? The stock one sucks.......

Try a White Bros. e-series Ireally like mine but I enjoy the noise of a loud bike

Just went from stock to FMF PowerCore4 Spark Arrester. A little louder than stock, haven't ridden it in dez yet. I'll advise when I do. I hear the PC4 Squared is quieter, don't know how it affects power.

In my opinion the PC4 is very good , but the sound is very very strong and i don´t know if exist some quit/silencer for it.

Please , sorry about my english

[This message has been edited by guillev (edited 11-03-2000).]

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