Timing chain


I just bought a 2000 YZ 426. It runs excellent and it starts on one kick. My question is, how do you know you need a new timing chain? You can hear the timing chain pretty loud at low RPM's. Is that normal?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

These are fairly noisy engines. I don't know how much noise yours makes, but they would need to do something about it if it were a road bike.

Excessive timing chain noise can be caused by worn chain guides or a faulty tensioner.

You know you need a chain when:

> The crank sprocket is worn out and it needs a new crank, or it jumps time and wipes out everything.

> It breaks and wipes out everything.

If you don't know how old it is, replace it. Put one in every year or two. They're cheap. If you can find a spot in the tensioner where it can be pushed back in, get a new one of those, too.

So you know, the '00 has a key on a tapered shaft to hold the counter balancer drive gear instead of the splines the later models use. These can occasionally work loose and make the most horrendous rattling noises you were ever afraid to hear. If this happens, replace the key and tighten it up.

Is it difficult to replace the timing chain? I have the 450 cam in my 01 426, shoul I replace it more often. I know the teeth have a different pitch on the new cam.

Its not all that hard to replace the chain. It does require some skills. But over all not too terible bad. You may be on the right track with replacing the chain though. The chain is only $35 and the troubles that will come if that chain goes is much more expensive. your bike is 5 years old. It may be time.

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