cam and starter

if i advance my exhaust cam timing to yz timing and loose the auto decomp will i have problems with the electric start?

i'd say so, just get the yz cam :naughty: i read somewhere you can press the cam sprocket apart and put it back to yz spec? i wouldn't trust it but its probly cheaper.

Why in the heck would you ever want to loose auto-decompression??

i would only venture a guess that he's tryin'to get the cheapest power he can :naughty:

Pressing the sprocket off and re-timing is only cheaper if you do it yourself. Once in place; I'd TIG weld that puppy in place. They one guy that I know that does it says he's never seen one come apart.

Moving the cam gear does not fix the autocompression release problem. I have a YZ cam in my 450 and compared them when I made the switch. The WR and the YZ have different length pins to compensate for the change in cam timing. I know some guys claim that the WR cam works with it advanced but as finicky as the estart can be on these bikes I would go with the YZ cam.

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