'05 yz450f is it as bad as the review???

I have been reading a couple reviews on the 05 model and they haven't been that good, but I know that it is 10% bike and 90% rider. Does anyone have or ridden an '05, if you have let me know what you think about it.

I have an 05 and to me its the same as an 03 or 04 but just alittle tamer. Just don't have the hit as the 04. The power has been spread all over and not just one area if that makes sense. Would I buy an 05 over again? Yes!

Magazine reviews are a pain in the butt, but. . .

I have heard that they actually took away 3 HP on top on the 05 model with the mods to the cylinder head, compression ratio decrease, etc.

In the new Transworld, there is a dyno and the YZ puts out 44HP or so and the CRF is right at 49!!!!!

I know that everyone was complaining that the 03 and 04 YZs were too brutal and had the TOP FUEL Dragster motor, but this is rediculous. We are now down by 5 HP according to Transworld's dyno. I know, I know a dyno is a tool, none read the same, etc.

I would rather have a bike that is too crazy fast and tame it down with flywheel, ignition, etc. than be down on power right out of the box. Even if I can't use half of the power, I still want it all!!!!

I guess that is just the insecure male in me coming out. . .

By the way, I've got an 04 so maybe I'm biased there as well. I love the 05 suspension but it seems like I did good with the 04 for what I am looking for. More power than I'll ever use and the means to kill myself with a twist of the throttle. Although, with my crappy skill I probably only need a bike with about 10HP to be more than I'll ever use.

Does that mean that it is slow for a 450???? If so would exhaust help out at all???

To me they will run handle bar to handle bar with the same gearing. I can not notice if they are down 5hp. I have ridden all years of the 450 and they feel the same but the 05 has had the hit taken away some and its a more manageable power to me, but thats my opinion..

I'm happy with mine. It does feel tamer than an 04 but it blasts down the straights just as quick.

The beauty of a 450f is that you can keep it in 3rd gear and not even shift EVER.

It does mean that it gives up 2.5 hp and 9 lbs to the 05 YZ250 :naughty:. But that is a stock YZ250....one that has a pipe/silencer and a Vforce reed probably makes more. :D

However the YZ250 is a race bike that has to be run through the gears...not a luxo cruiser that can be ridden in 1-2 gears around an MX track.

BTW...I really like the 05 YZ450F as well. But I would buy an 03 "back box" that is on sale on ebay and install it.....NOW WE ARE TALKING! :naughty:

Satchmo, have you rode the 05? How did it compare to 'ol number 9?

I love my 05! I have ridden them all and it is right there with the rest including the rmz so judge as you will!

I have ridden 2 2005 YZ450F's and compared to "ole #9" the suspension is better, it feels lighter. THe power is very smooth which makes it very easy to ride however the white knukle acceleration that I am used to isn't there.

The 05 is easier and takes less effort to ride. It is more refined. Therefore you CAN go as fast or faster for longer on the 05.

To me they will run handle bar to handle bar with the same gearing. I can not notice if they are down 5hp. I have ridden all years of the 450 and they feel the same but the 05 has had the hit taken away some and its a more manageable power to me, but thats my opinion..


If you read the magazine reviews of just the YZ450 not the shootouts they like the bike, ex. http://dirtrider.com/tests/motocross/141_0411_yz450f/ , http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/product_reviews/article/0,13190,685627,00.html .

Transworld quote "We’ll get right down to it; Yamaha hit their bull’s-eye in ‘05! Every test rider that threw a leg over the 2005 YZF was immediately impressed with the new, easier-to-ride powerband. The bike is far from slow, it’s just that the power is much more pleasant and easier to use than in 2004. The new Yamy delivers its tremendous torque and heavy horsepower with a smooth, transitioned curve that always has plenty on tap when you need it. The YZF sang up the long and sandy Cahuilla hills with ease."

Sounds like everyone who has ridden it likes it. I think I am going to go blue again!!!

ahhh.. I am not happy about it. I have an 04 and thank god I bought last year. If I was a new buyer I would consider the CRF this year. I just don't like the damn valves on the Honda's. Planning on hanging on to my 04 for a few years now. Next year let the see if they work out the new frame (if we get one) and if they fix the engine. Then wait one more year after that till they give it the thumbs up. So maybe 2007 I will be looking again.

my friend has an 05 and its not as radical feeling but still as fast just feels tamer .

I just got my 05'. Awesome bike. comparing it to my old 426, this thing rocks. Just put a white bros. system on there, really helps it rev out higher and a smoother low to mid. suspension seems to handle well. them magazine articles don't do it justice. can't wait to get it on the track for the opener this weekend. I'll let you know how it performs then.

I love my 04. When I race Vet-X I am 1 of only 2 YZ's on the gate so I'm easy to spot! My 04' still pulls holeshots on all the 05 CRF's and RMZ's. And, for some reason, it seems like my bike will easily turn inside those other bikes. I'll only give it up if the 06 comes out with the Al frame.

Compared to other 05 bikes it does not do as well, by a very small margine. Compared to 04 450's it is better. No peak HP was taken away, more bottom power was added, still not enough to match KTM bottom end or the 52.5 HP peak.

This bike is fun, pulled both holeshots this weekend easily. takes flat corners really well. enough power to hit almost any jump. just pike a line twist the throttle and your there before you know it. as soon as i get used to hanging on to it i should be good to go. can't wait for the al. frame.

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