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Need HELP.

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Im looking into purchasing a y2k WR400 (new)

1.Could you tell me what the flywheel weight does and does this need to be done?

2.Should the stock tail pipe be replaced right away.

3.i am fairly short,will i find the WR trouble to start?

4.Is there anything else you can tell me that needs to be changed or looked at from new.

Thanks for your help...and Great Site!

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what's your riding going to be?

if your green laning the bike will need the standard silencer or we aren't going to have a lane left open & lot's of riderless horses!!

the silencer doesn't rob the bike of any power & the bike is loud enough std. certainly my friends & i appreciate the std pipe after a 3-hour race. at 94db your not losing any power & although it isn't a fair comparison the std YZ pipe came out equal tops with a lot of the after market boys. for the noise level you won't get a better pipe.

the flywheel weight IMO is only needed for climbs, logs, ditches etc. again if green laning it isn't necessary. if enduroing-it's a must & you should phone a guy called 'american imports' in the t & mx. something like £95-110.

i believe that the Y2K can be left pretty much alone unless you weigh over 12 stone.

hope this helps.


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