New guy here, TT is awsome

Hey Whats up, I found this place and just had to join. Talk about incredible, you guys know everything. This place is awsome!!!!!! :naughty:

Welcome to TT and if you ever have any questions just ask, don't be affraid to ask either cause just about any of us will help you out as much as possible.

Just be careful asking about oil or red hot headers. :naughty:

Welcome! Click around, as there are lots of cool features to play with... It's highly addictive, so you've been warned...

Welcome! My friend wants to welcome you too: :D


You will have lots of fun with us. :naughty::naughty:

Just be careful asking about oil or red hot headers. :naughty:

like these:



jus remember to use the search function before you ask a question. More then likely you will find it their! Welcome to TT :naughty:

My advice to you- watch out for loonies like Satch0922 who once were one of us then crossed over to the dark side (pingers!)

:naughty: Just ribbin' ya Satch 'ol buddy 'ol pal :thumbsup

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