Power Pack vs. PowerNow

Anybody use, or know someone who is using, a Power Pack by Starting Line Products? I've heard of the Power Now insert, and I've seen discussed on TT a "free do-it-yourself" carburator mod that has a similar effect. What is you guys' experience with these things? Or is my money better spent on a JD Jetting kit? :naughty:

I just tried the power pack on my 03 WR450. It think it helped a little in the low to mid range. The power seems smoother. I was hoping it would help my off idle bog but it didn't. To bad it wasn't that easy. I'll keep jetting away untill I get it right! I have no experience with the power now to compare it with, but for $40 I'm pretty happy. If anyone has any jetting tips I would appreciate it! 03 Wr450, grey wire cut, throttle stop cut, air box snorkle gone, removed exhaust baffle. 5000-7000 feet elevation. Also is there anything special that needs to be done if I remove the battery and starter? THANKS! P.S. Endurocross Rocks!

Alan.....you need to order a #40 leak jet. That should solve the bog :naughty: . If that dosen't quite do it you can try the bk mod. A simple change of the leak jet worked beautifuly for me though.

the bk mod is not for '03+ wr's. it lets older wr owners limit the ap squirt much like the taffy mod but is more adjustable. just the oppisite of a smaller leak jet.

make sure you have a 48 pilot and, at the very least, a '04 wr needle. i have never jetted a bike for 5000ft+ elevation, but these have been standards for most all '03 wr450's (along with the 40 leak jet). don't hesitate to try different needle clip positions.

i let this get off the power pack/ powernow subject, sorry. the power pack goes on the engine side of the carb, the powernow in the airbox side. the blade of the powernow is pretty close the carb slide. the intent is to improve intake velocity at smaller throttle openings by smoothing out the air flow in to the carb. with the power pack on the other side of the carb i'm not sure it's working on the same principle.

that said, is it the first thing i would spend my money on? no. i'd get my jetting and suspension dialed in. god knows that k39 front tire has to go.

i'd go with the 04 wr needle, take the money saved and put it towards the boyesen ap cover. along with the 40lj and jetted properly its about as close to perfect as its gonna get. about the battery and starter the ground is the only thing that needs to stay along with the volt regulator. i tracked the ground back from the batt. and put a circle connector on it and attached it behind the bolt that holds the regulator on. alot of people have said it will burn out the regulator but i think grounding it in this fashion may solve that problem. because its been running like a raped ape for 8 months like that. after removal you'll be able to go to a yz450 airbox(the rubber intake is the same) and yz450filter assembly(reciever,cage,and filter),adds alot of power for around $100 :naughty:

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