she's ALIVE!!

I just wanted to share this moment, I JUST kicked over my 99 YZ400 for the FIRST time since november.....after hours and hours and hours over the last few months of painstakingly taking everything apart.......down to nothing.......replacing timing chain and a bunch of other stuff she started 3rd kick and sounds better than what a good feeling, i even had to re do some wiring I was sooooooooooo worried this thing wasn't going to start up again for some reason or another :naughty: she got a complete overhaul, I repainted the frame, added bunch of new parts, cleaned every square inch....replaced timing chain, fork seals, new chain, new sprockets, new bearings all around(steering head, linkages etc).....she is a 99 but she look brand new right now :D

I haven't taken her on a spin yet cuz im actually waiting on my new chain so she runs but doesn't go forward yet :D

anyhow just had to share this moment, being female and doing every last bit of this MYSELF in my basement was a pretty big accomplishment(last year I had help with everything as it was my frist time) but this year was all myself and I have to thank all you thumpertalk guys for all your advice and help........and thanx to my trusty shop manual that is now black with grease and oil......... :naughty:


Good going tammy keep up the good work

I knew you could do it.

Remember, the engineers already figured out how to make it run, you just have to put all the parts back in the right place. :naughty:

Great job tammie! I feel the same way whenever I fix something.

isnt tammie a girls name??????

Keep that feeling :naughty: Way yo go!

You da man! Oh wait, that's not right.

Well done :naughty:

Atta girl! :naughty:

That's better than me.

I feel like a hero just replacing a tube without pinching it.

the only thing it takes to fix anything is confidence. you did awesome, and by the way, chicks that ride stump pullers are hot. keep it up. riding is for everyone.

great job!!!! i just got my 2000 426 back together after working on it all winter!!

new bearings, devol suspension, frame paint, sanded and polished all aluminum! etc.... after i got it together i came across a 04 yz450 with 5 hours on it!!! i bought it and sold my baby to a friend in utah! i tell you the satisfaction from doing a job yourself is just awesome.

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