Whats the HP of a WR450, as much or less than DRZ400 ?

Have never seen a rating for the WR. The DRZ400E has been rated anywhere from 38 to 42 in different sources I have read.

Not sure of the exact numbers, but corked up probably less :naughty: . With the free mods waaaaay more :naughty: . Sorry I don't have numbers but I'm sure someone will chime in.

One guy at the dealership told me 45-46 hp once modded. I dont know how accurate that is. :naughty:

with all mods done plus yoshi exhaust ( slip on ) 49.4hp


Hopefully your not making a decision between the two based on HP.

The two bikes are like night and day. My first purchase in years was the DRZ400

I sold it two months later . I try to ride in different areas and conditions.

Thats why I picked up the WR450 ,sure its a little more cash but worth every Pennie. :naughty:

a uncorked WR450 will have much better horise than the DRZ

ultimately, is how ya put the power down to the ground.

IMO- you can't compre those two bikes.

My friend just bought a new 2002 DRZ 400 for approx $4700 - I bought a Wr450 for about $1,500 more. I rode his DRZ and was more impressed than I thought I would be - it moves pretty good - the big difference that I noticed between the two was the stiffer feel of the WR. I still like to WR much more but the DRZ is not a bad choice for a trail rider - for the $$.

Those DRZs are nice bikes for sure.. Plenty of power, but yes the two bikes are very different in the suspension area. I love the linear power delivery of the DRZ, makes a great trail machine...

I have stopped thinking those DRZ were lazy since TT member "Burned" told me that he knows of DRZ giving over 60 HP! I think they produce just as much torque as a WR in fact. I don't like the DRZ (compared to the WR) because of the suspension and weight. Plus, I like the quick revs and the "hit" of the WR. But, I've tried a DRZ and I also think it is a really good trail bike.

Got this off another forum - powersportsnetwork.com


Can anyone tell me the stock horsepower and torque ratings are for the 2004 WR450 Anonymous - 07/23/2004 Answer this

A: i read in a popular australian dirt bike magazine it has a max horse power of something like 51.5hp at 9000rpms and torque of mid 40s

ben - 08/09/2004

A: I don't know about the torque. The bill of sale i have said 59 hp

Anonymous - 09/11/2004

Having ridden both, the WR has the feel of a more beastly bike. However, I do not think that means it is faster. Other than the soft suspension of a stock DRZ, they are both good bikes and very capable on the trails. Oh yeah, the WRs are a lot louder, but again, that does not translate into faster.

the drz is more of a trailbike while the wr is more of a woods racer. Two differeint breeds but both great bikes. The hp is probably similar but the drz is heavier.

I just raced my friend on his Stock 2002 DRZ 400 - I ride a 2005Wr450 (pulled baffle, YZF Throttle Stop) - both bikes are new - not even close, beat him 4 times from stop to 5th gear - we are equally crappy riders - I must say I expected to win but bragging rights are great none the less.

I literally about 20 minutes ago just got back from purchasing an 05 WR450 - I'm looking forward to comparing to my KLX (DRZ)... :naughty::naughty:

both bikes are pathetic stock!!!!!!! :naughty:

with both of them juiced up, the wr leaves the drz in the dust......... in the open.

My WR is faster than the DRZ... I dunno about a stock 450 though, If you un-plug it, it will be faster.

Isn't it funny how a simple question on horsepower turns into a my bike is faster than yours discussion - I am as guilty as anyone - A final note when riding with my friend who has a DRZ with no electric start - you realize how nice that little button can be - he now has button envy. Cheers

Yeah I didnt want this to be a mine is faster discussion. I only ask because I have never seen hp figures published on the WR but have on the DRZ.

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