is car oil fine for xr600r

will it hurt if i put 10-40w car oil not motorcycle oil in my 1987 xr600r :naughty:

You could use car oil but it depends which oil your using

sae 10w-40 castrol gtx motor oil if not tell me what kind i should use

Make sure that its a non energy conserving oil this should be writen on the back. Energy conserving oils have friction modifiers which are not good for your clutch. Your oil should be okay but i would personally go with AMSOIL 10w40.

it exceeds api service sm/sl/sj/sh

dosent say anything about energy

what is amsoil oil

I give you the green light but check out this website for fun WWW.AMSOIL.COM.

thanks for help

do you know about jetting bikes is yes help me put on the xr600r jetting advise

Sorry dont know about Hondas, but put your question in GENERAL and you will get your answer.

Like to read, Do a search on oil............. :naughty:

In the ol 1971 sl350 , factory manual says quality30 wt. So we, at time, :naughty: used quaker state. Bike still runs fine to this day. My xr600r 1994 gets 20/50 castrol.

will it hurt if i put 10-40w car oil not motorcycle oil in my 1987 xr600r :naughty:


my 85 saw nothing but delo-400 15w-40 for years. still runs great.

thanks alot this tells me that the dealer lies to custemrs he told me i will mess it up

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