JD Jetting Kit - Too easy, too cool

Took the WR450 out for a ride this morning at the local ORV park. Think it was running a little lean due to putting in the PMB insert and using stock jets. Would get the popping sound on decelerating, think it has always done this to different degrees even with the stock insert. Also had to deal with the "BOG". Sucks when you are blippin' the throttle to take small jumps and the bog kicks in.

Check the mail when I got home and found the James Dean jetting kit that I had ordered from TT. Turned right around and back out to my brothers house, where I store a bunch of the toys. Dug the bike out, read the destructions with the kit and WHAM BAMM had the needle and main jet change out. EASY. Should be about a two beer job, but did the bro have any beer????? NO. So, I have to speculate about how many beers it would take.

Anyway, I am very impressed. Very easy to install, just read the directions. The bike seems too be running better too, two or three kicks. Did not need to leave the choke out for long, seems to idle better. No more "pop pop" from the exhaust pipe. The bog seems to be a lot less. Could only ride in the corral, 1st and 2nd gear. Have to wait till Monday or so to take it out for a good test and check the spark plug.

If you don't have a one of these kits in, do it. Just my opinion.


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