YZ426F Questions

I recently purchased a 01 YZ426F and unfortunately it didn't come with a Owners Manual. Until I get one I have a couple questions:

With the understanding the bike is stock, what steps should be taken when starting the bike cold and hot?

I need to adjust the sag in the rear shock (I need to lower the seat height a bit), how do I do this? The bike sits to high for me so I'm thinking I can raise the fork tubes a bit and adjust the rear shock. Has anyone done this with success?

Thanks for your help.

Download your very own Yamaha Shop Manual for the 01 YZ426F from Motoman393's site and save yourself $50

2001 YZ426F Shop Manual

For the "starting drill" check this out

Starting a YZF

that startup article is right on! thanks! :naughty:

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