new xr650r have problems?

Just brought home a brand new 2003 honda xr650r. i now have about 100miles on it and i still have a nasty dead spot at the bottom of my throttle. I talked to honda and they seem a little clueless so i am trying to deal with it myself even though i have warranty. so far the only thing that has helped me is removing the restrictor in the intake boot and cutting the rubber away so i have a smooth open intake. i'm thinking that if i ever need to lift my front wheel in a hurry i'm screwed. I'm trying to get more power but i don't want the bike to loud as i'm riding on the street aswell. I was riding an 02 yz426f before this that was street legalized and i'm worried the dead spot i am feeling is only a lack of an accelerator pump. :naughty:

Any info would be very helpful


The first thing you will need to do is fully uncork the beast so it will run the way it is designed to run. Just do a search for uncorking the 650R and you find tons of information. It is a night and day difference and after that you will have no problem lifting the front wheel when ever you want. Add a pumper carb and it will be all the better but do the proper uncorking first. Have fun on the new bike and welcome aboard :naughty:

Most definetly complletly uncork the beast, Jet it accordingly, Open the exhaust, and then get a pumper carb............ :naughty:

Even if you don't get the pumper carb, finish the uncorking procedure. It really does make a huge difference, and it's nowhere near as loud as most of the Harleys on the road. Mine is street legal, uncorked, and I've never even gotten a second look from a cop. The one who came to the house to inspect it even commented on how quiet it was. I wouldn't worry about the noise.


Finish uncorking your bike and use the info in the following link as a guideline. Once you get your jetting more dialed in, work with your fuel screw until you find your best throttle response off the bottom. It will likely be significantly better than where it is now. If you still can't live with it, then check out the aftermarket carb options. If your YZ426F was tuned to perfection, then the throttle response would be very snappy & razor sharp off the bottom. For a number of reasons, you'll never get that super duper snappy razor sharp throttle response from the 650r no matter which carb you get, but it can be greatly improved and the dead spot can be eliminated.

Do not forget the right footpeg fix!!! search "footpeg" & even "kritter"

and tightening/locktighting the kickstarter

lots of good infor here

watch for posts by quadsan, oldmantime, borynack and a few others.

golden info to be had!

Thanx guy's!!!! sounds like everyone is on the same page, uncorking I will go!


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