WR to YZ pics

Here's a few pictures of my '04 WR to YZ conversion. The rear fender and front number plate are Acerbis units. I was lucky to have a stock top triple clamp from a YZ250F to replace the WR clamp so that the number plate would bolt up. I did away with the left side kill switch and neutral safety switch along with the bracket for all the connectors behind the headlight. I like the look, but I especially like not worrying about busting the headlight. I don't ride in the dark so I won't miss it or the taillight and if/when I go to sell the bike they will look like new. The last pic is the bracket I made to relocate the on/off switch and mount my Trail Tech computer. I plan on getting a run/start handlebar switch from a TTR250 to replace the on/off switch.





Good job. Looks great, I likey YZFs :naughty:

That's a rad bike Rick!!! :naughty:

Did you space out the number plate to allow room behind for the switch.

Rick, that kicks azz. :naughty: I am in the same process myself. Takes lots of time and money though and it doesnt seem like I have much of either. I will return mine to a WR in the fall when I use the bike for hunting access and need a headlight.

Did you space out the number plate to allow room behind for the switch.

Nope, I made a new bottom plate out of 1/8" aluminum so I could turn the switch sideways and mount it on the plate I fabbed for my Trail Tech computer.

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