New Hampshire ride for saturday

hey mike, i just started ridding up around that area this year. didn't realize how much awesome riding was actually up there. Unfortunately, i'm currently recovering from tendon surgurey :) on my left arm so i'm pretty much done until next spring. i currently ride, or should i say rode, with a group of 5. give or take...maybe we can hook up somtime this spring... talk to ya later....

Planning a short ride early saturday morning,60 to 70 miles or so. We will be leaving around 8am from londonderr nh. Just off exit 4 off 93 North. If interested, e-mail me and we can work out directions and things.

Sorry to hear about the injury. At least your down time will be during the winter. We will have to hook up and ride when you are healed. I do agree, the riding rocks up in nh.

Mike, I have to work.

Sorry to hear that kevin! When are you going to be able to ride? I would like to ride Clough one of these weekends.

Mike, I am booked until at least 1 week prior to Thanksgiving.

Could you please forward your phone numbers to my home e mail address?

I formatted my machine and lost everything.

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