shock linkage

I was re-greasing the shock lingage and it seems i need to remove the kick stand to get the bolt for the link arms out of the frame.. Two of the three kick stand bolts are small the third is a large stainlesssteel one... the smaller bolts stripped out on the first tug of the allen wrench.. The stainless one came out just fine...

Do I need to get a EZout to remove the two cheap bolts or is there a way to get the rest of the linkage out with the kick stand in place??


What are you working on, I didn't have to remove my kickstand to grease the linkage.... :naughty:

It appears like you have to do that with the 650R due to it being tough to free the linkage bolt with just a regular allen wrench. Remove the kickstand, why not, and locktite it's bolts while you're greasing the linkage.

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